The voiceover demos here give you a small taste of my work.

The voiceover for commercials:

My career began in country radio, where, as the station’s only chick, I was called upon to voice ads that required a feminine touch -shoe stores, funeral homes, baby products, sewing centres and any script that contained the word ‘bra’.

My voice was soon requested to advertise a wide variety of material and you’ll now hear me on radio and television commercials for companies of all sizes throughout Australia and the world.


The voiceover for corporate presentations:

An overhead projector and felt tip pen no longer cut it when it comes to conveying your company’s message. Whether you choose to use a power point presentation, a video for your website or youtube, animation, narration or documentary, my voice will add interest, colour, warmth and professionalism.


The voiceover for telephone messaging:

Don’t ignore or bore your customers. Ensure anyone who calls your company is warmly and professionally welcomed and informed with a greeting, on-hold message or IVR that is tailored to your brand.


The voiceover for real estate tours

A picture may tell a thousand words, but adding my voice to your virtual real estate tour will ensure potential buyers are made aware of the exact features and benefits you want them to see.


The voiceover for saucy stuff

Certain products require a certain je ne sais quoi when discussed. If you’re not one to blush easily, have a listen and find out what I mean.


The voiceover for podcast stuff

Every quality podcast needs a beginning, middle and end. You take care of the ‘middle’, and I can voice your podcast’s intro, outro and any sponsor credits you want to dot throughout.